In My Own Words with Judith Rapp Hara

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Journey, The Story of Ernest and Sylvia Rapp

Original program date: May 12, 2021

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Judith Rapp Hara is the daughter of Holocaust Survivors, Ernest and Sylvia Rapp.  Her book “Journey: The Story of Ernest and Sylvia Rapp” was written during the pandemic, honoring a promise made to her Father.  The prologue tells about a life-altering meeting with a man from her Father’s past. This meeting changes Judith’s outlook on life and starts her quest to find out about her family’s history.

Judith shared Ernest and Sylvia Rapp’s story – an inspirational story of survival, faith, and perseverance. It is as relevant today as it was in the past.  The theme “there are no coincidences” not only plays an integral part throughout the book but continues to play a role in Judith’s life to this day.


About Our Speaker: Judith Rapp Hara

Judith Rapp Hara is the second of three daughters born to Ernest and Sylvia Rapp in New York City in 1949.  At age 6, the family moved to the Orlando area where her father began a successful career as an architect.  Judith was educated in the Orlando public school system. She earned a BS in nursing in 1971 from the University of Florida. In 1982, she earned a MA in counseling from Rollins College.  Judith has worked as an RN at Florida Hospital and the Orange County Health Department and a clinical specialist in psychiatric nursing in private practice.

Judith has been married to Robert Hara since 1971. They have two sons, Aaron and Jacob.  The lights of her life are their two granddaughters Eva and Lillia.

Her interest in the Holocaust and much of its literature comes from the many stories shared by her late parents. In 2020, Judith wrote the short book “Journey” about her parents’ experiences in Europe and the United States.

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