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All of our exhibitions showcase significant events in history and how they are relevant to us today. Our permanent collection tells an important story and our traveling exhibitions are brought in from world class institutions to provide you with a thought provoking experience.

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Permanent Exhibits

The Holocaust Center features three historical permanent exhibits. When visiting, you will enter into our front room gallery where you will see the Holocaust history and stories through artifacts, videos, text, photographs, and artwork. Visitors have an opportunity to listen to the recorded testimonies of several Holocaust Survivors who settled in Central Florida.

As you continue moving through the museum, you will view Displaced Person, which traces the journey of Oswald “Valdik” Holzer, a Czech Jewish doctor. Dr. Holzer’s story is an uncommon reminder that even amidst the most destructive moments in human history, during assimilation into unfamiliar territory, inspiring decisions can be made to devote one’s heart, hand, and mind to protect and enhance the common good of humanity.

Our final permanent exhibit is called Behind The Bookcase which is a virtual reality experience transporting you to the Secret Annex where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis.

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The exhibit centers the perspective of Daryl Davis, a Black musician and ally, who has dedicated his life to fighting white supremacy by the deradicalization of former members of groups such as the Ku Klux Klan. He accomplishes these transformations through the power of respectful conversation, genuine connection, and friendship.  

This exhibit will be on display through May, 2022

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