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Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance Day, is observed as a day of commemoration for the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust as a result of the actions carried out by the Nazi regime and its collaborators. 

The date to commemorate Yom HaShoah was chosen because it marks the anniversary of the uprising at the Warsaw Ghetto.  This was the largest, symbolically most important Jewish uprising, and the first urban rebellion, in German-occupied Europe. This resistance in Warsaw inspired other revolts in ghettos including Bialystok and Minsk and killing centers Treblinka and Sobibor.  


Throughout the month, we will be remembering some of the heroes from the Warsaw Ghettos. 


We invite you to add a flower to our Yom HaShoah virtual tribute garden to honor them or a hero of your choosing. A donation to grow our garden is a meaningful way to support our mission while remembering or celebrating a Survivor or victim. It is also a thoughtful way to commemorate Yom HaShoah, a day of remembrance. Each flower will represent a cherished person, never to be forgotten. 


A flower can be named for a tribute gift of $18. 


For gifts of $36 or more, we will name a flower and also send a card with a packet of wildflower or poppy seeds to a special recipient of your choice so they may start or add to a garden of their own! 



Simcha Rotem


Head Currier of the Jewish Fighting Organization

In 1942 Rotem joined the Warsaw Ghetto’s Fighting Organization, and he and his comrades launched the rebellion to “choose the kind of death” they wanted. Rotem fought Nazis in city streets and later helped rebels flee through sewers.   


Emanuel Ringelblum


Founded the clandestine Oneg Shabbat newspaper

Ringelblum collected diaries, documents, commissioned papers, and preserved the posters and decrees that comprised the memory of the doomed community. The Oneg Shabbat Archive remains the largest collection of Jewish documentation detailing the fate of the Jews under Nazi rule. 

Jack Jacobs

In memory of my Grandfather

Father, Grandfather, Survivor. You are missed every day. With love from your grandson, Jonathan Jacobs

Shlomo & Chana Deutsch

In memory of my parents

In Memory of the members of the Deutsch and Berkovicz Families that died in the Holocaust. May their Soles Rest In Peace.

Murray Deutsch

Joanie Schirm

In honor of my dear friend

You are a very special gift to the Holocaust Center. With love, Andrea Eliscu

Monek Segal

Forever in our memory

From Gary Rosenthal

Pam Kancher, Lisa Bachman, & Kathy Turner

In honor of my dear friends. From, Howard Kichler

I donate, to enable the Center to keep the message alive, and to educate those who are unaware or never heard of the Holocaust. Thank you for your dedication, and for being a friend.

Johanna Stabile

In honor of my mother

Dearest Mother – I Love you and miss you every day. With love, Shelly

Ruth Sage

In honor of my close, dear friend

Dearest Ruth – I miss you very much. With love, Shelly

Dave Smith

May historic memory move us to ensure an enlightened future.

Happy Birthday, Dave. May your garden be ablaze with joyful color and good things to eat. With love, from Barbara Weinreich

Arlene Wenger

In honor of my close family friend

Dearest Arlene – I miss you very much. With love, Shelly

Goldie Cash

In memory of my hero, my mom

With love from your daughter, Pam Kancher

Pam Kancher

In honor of her commitment to Jewish education.

From, Lynne Bachrach

Henri M. Goodheim

In honor of my father

As a second generation survivor, I feel it is important to donate to programs remembering the Holocaust. We shall never forget! I love you Dad. From your daughter, Loraine Goodheim.

Emily Brown

In honor of our daughter, who has not only made Judaism essential to her life but the lives of so many in our community.

We are so proud of you! From, Mom and Dad

Henri Landwrith

In memory of 

Sincerely, Mark Freid

Serena Ahmed, Rachel Luce-Hitt, & Leilany Romero

From your dear friend, Howard Kichler

It is because of individuals like you that work to enable the HMREC to keep the message alive.

Isaac Hunter

In memory of my son

In honor of those whose lives made it possible for others to build a better world. From, Dr. Joel Hunter

Fran Hodes

In memory of my dear friend. 

From, Sharon Conway

Anna and Friedrich Mayer

In memory of family

To honor Anna and Friedrich Mayer, from Patricia Mayer

Stuart Auerbach

In memory my father, Stuart, who loved his people.

To the Holocaust Center....May we never forget what happened. From, Dione Auerbach Fetner

Beatrice and Philip Trohn & Edith and Benjamin Katz

In memory of our parents

With love, from Stanley and Sue Katz

In honor of Passover

From, Rabbi and Mrs. Sholom B. Dubov

Ellen Lang

In honor of my dear friend

With love from, Lynn Geary

Kevin Vincenti

In memory of you, my son - a brother, and a father. 

In memory of my son Kevin who past away Nov. 16, 2013. Rest in peace my precious son!

With love, Carol Vincenti

In remembrance of many

Remembering those that survived and passed is a way to keep their stories alive.

Teaching and learning about about the Holocaust has been an honor. -Carolyn Stefanou


Elizabeth Vitaizy Higgins

Artist/Holocaust Death Camp Survivor, & US immigrant

Her portraits painted still hang in our family home. From, Ken Barlow

Jeff Unger

In memory of my son who was a second generation Holocaust survivor.

From, Sonja Marchesano

Aaron Joel Goldwasser

In memory of our son

With love, Albert and Annette Goldwasser


Janis McLaughlin

In honor of my mother

This is for my mother, Janis McLaughlin, who had a heart as big as the oceans. - Harry McLaughlin


Leah Hornik

In honor of Leah

Thank you for your wise and inspiring words. We are SO proud of you! Uncle Jon and Tia Robin.

Roslyn Brown

In memory of my mother

Our Holocaust Center of Central Florida has accomplished so much in helping young people understand what happened during the Holocaust.

- Fred Brown

Bernice Grimm

In memory of my mother

Thank you to our Holocaust Center for all they do in helping young people better understand the Holocaust.

- Frances Brown


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