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One does not need to be a Holocaust scholar to have a deep interest that watershed event. The people and places of Holocaust history are deeply embedded in our understanding of what lessons we must learn in order to create a safer, better world.

After many months of discussion, the Holocaust Center is proud to announce that July 10 through…

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This Week in History
July 4, 1943

Moshe Flinker was a deeply religious young man who began keeping a diary at the age of…
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T his Center was built by people who believed in the power of knowledge. As victims and witnesses to the Holocaust they felt a deep responsibility to teach future generations about the ultimate cost of prejudice and blind nationalism. It is not enough to know the names and dates and places of tragedies; we must also remember the reasons that these tragedies occur.

We want to inspire visitors to be compassionate and accepting of others, to be responsible and respectful members of a diverse community, and to acknowledge their responsibility to protect the rights of others as fervently as they protect their own.

There is no continent without ethnic conflict and no community where there is not distrust. We know that the future of humanity depends on understanding these deep-rooted problems, and working together to create a future where everyone is safe and is welcome.

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