Original Program date: January 14, 2021

‘A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there’.

Uncomfortable conversations are a fact of life. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them. Our frustration often comes from not knowing how to keep our emotions, and civility, in check.

Discover why people show up with preconceived ideas, how to diffuse anger, how to make your point without being pushy,  why ‘proving’ your point rarely works and the communication ‘styles’.

When you know what works (and what doesn’t) your influence skyrockets!

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What it its True? Challenge Your Thinking on Stuff

Has anyone ever said something that challenged your thinking about a person, situation or event? The quotes in this book are designed to do just that. There are a few provocative questions thrown in just to make it interesting. Use them to stretch yourself, start conversations with people you know, or people you want to know better


Coaching For Success

If you want to put the pizzazz back into your life and if you want to give yourself that extra edge you need, Coaching for Success is the book for you. If you want to hone your business skills and get or keep your career running at peak performance, Coaching for Success is where you need to start. This book is like having your own personal business coach because its pages are full of valuable lessons that will help your career and personal life thrive.If you?ve never worked with a business coach before, this book will inform you about what is involved in having a relationship with a business coach. If you?ve trained with a coach before, this book is still a valuable tool for you because you will find innovative and sometimes surprising solutions to problems you might be facing in your business?and perhaps even in your personal life.Finding and working with a business coach is far more important than many people think. Business focus, business motivation, business management, and business results are all improved when you work with a highly skilled professional business coach. Feedback from a coach can allow you to be objective about you and your life, and your coach may present a different and unbiased view.In Coaching for Success, you will find intriguing answers to questions such as: ? What is it that makes Fortune 100 companies so successful? ? What are they doing differently? ? What is the difference between leadership and “managership”? ? How do successful leaders develop rapport with their employees? ? What are some themes or communication issues that arise with the executives you coach? ? What are some of the formulas or methodologies that you recommend to your clients that assure desired outcomes? These authors have proven methods that have helped many people rise to the top in their professional and personal lives. They have learned how to gain an objective view and provide a wider perspective on life.Coaching for Success is an investment in your future and your shortcut to gaining the knowledge you need to succeed. Train for your present?train for your future. Start now!

About Our Speaker

Annetta Wilson solves problems for experts who are frustrated by business, recognition and relationships slipping through their fingers because of confusing, convoluted, and complicated communication.

An award-winning broadcast journalist, she is a Certified Mastery Coach and Certified Trainer specializing in media training, presentation skills, networking and the ‘elevator’ speech. She is the creator of, ‘You’ve Got Less than 15 Seconds. Impress Me! elevator speech system, and the author of the upcoming book, ‘The Less You Say, the More You Talk’ (Tips to Communicate for Influence and Power).

She has worked with AAA, CNN, Walt Disney World, Delta Dental, Universal Orlando, the City of Orlando, among others.