Becoming A Beloved Community

The Beloved Community is a notion popularized by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., when he envisioned a society where there is justice and equal opportunity for all, and both are undergirded by love for fellow human beings.

Kyle believes this is attainable and worth fighting for.  Moreover, Kyle believes in affirming the dignity and worth of all humans and in methods that do not put people of different views and opinions against each other. He believes in embracing healing and repair over punishment and shame.

During this talk, Kyle will bring all of these beliefs into a framework that will help you undermine racism, poverty, and aggression in the communities you serve and live in through a process that leads to changed behavior, healing, and repair.  You will be emboldened to participate in the building and maintenance of the Beloved Community through a vision and framework that will help you find creative and effective ways to address racism, poverty, and aggression in your respective neighborhood, place of work, city, and country.

About our Speaker

Kyle Steele

Kyle Christian Steele’s mission is to help people find and fearlessly move into the power of their unique story. He moves his mission forward through his work in community building, justice and equality, and social entrepreneurship. Currently, Kyle is a Managing Partner of CREDO Conduit, a coworking community in downtown Orlando, Program Director of Rally, an accelerator for early-stage social ventures, and Founder of the Beloved Community Framework, a framework that helps communities and organizations achieve and maintain the Beloved Community by engaging racism, poverty, and aggression through a process that leads to changed behavior, healing, and repair.

Kyle was born in Detroit, Michigan. He attended the Virginia Military Institute, graduated from Bethune-Cookman University with a B.S. in biology, and attended the University of Michigan to participate in a fellowship program. He currently resides in Orlando, Florida with his wife and son.