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Be the Helper Campaign

Holocaust history is filled with stories of Rescuers, remarkable people who risked their lives, often putting their families and communities in danger to save Jews and others who were targeted by the Nazis. Many Holocaust Survivors, some who are still alive today, lived because people stood up and helped.

Our UpStanders program was built on stories of these Rescuers. The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous found these common personality traits among Holocaust Rescuers: compassion, empathy, self-sacrifice, integrity, courage, cooperation, moral leadership, ingenuity, and social responsibility.

It is our belief we all have the capacity to bring these traits to life within ourselves!

Today, as we all live through something we have never experienced, we are inspired by people who are demonstrating these characteristics every day – and we know this includes you!

Send us a 30-60 second video of yourself telling us something you did to help another person during this difficult time. It can be something as simple as calling a friend to say hello or anything that made someone feel better. Check out Sophia’s video to see how she is writing letters to brighten the day of seniors who are not allowed to have visitors.

When you record, please turn your phone to be horizontal (landscape) and avoid using any filters.