So What is UpStanders, Anyway?…

Research shows that approximately 1 out of every 5 students reports being bullied.  This research, and more, informed the Holocaust Center of the need to develop a bully prevention program. We recognized some commonalities between perpetrators, victims and bystanders from the time period of the Holocaust to modern day bullying situations.

Our team worked with curriculum specialists and developed a curriculum that meets all state education requirements, and we named the program UpStanders: Stand Up to Bullying, or UpStanders for short. We are proud this program has been in various schools throughout Central Florida for the past 10 years.

UpStanders is a unique, multi-phase, bully prevention program for middle school students that uses the history and lessons of the Holocaust to inspire students to take action in creating a kinder, more respectful

community in which all people are supported.  Students learn that they can make a difference for good through positive influence in the lives of others, thus improving and enriching the social climate of their school.

Professional educators from the Holocaust Memorial Resource & Education Center of Florida go into the classroom to engage students around topics such as the power of communication and moving from bystander to UpStander behaviors. They also teach students to embrace the characteristic traits exhibited by rescuers during the Holocaust, including empathy, compassion, cooperation, moral leadership, ingenuity, social responsibility, and self-sacrifice. Additionally, they host students in the program on a field trip to the Holocaust Center and arrange for a nationally renowned speaker to visit their school and share their personal experiences of difference, bullying, and support.

In addition to working with students directly, the Holocaust Center is also happy to provide support and resources to parents, caregivers, teachers, and administrators.  For more information about the UpStanders: Stand Up to Bullying program, please visit