Reading Corner: Ryan’s Story

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I had the privilege to share my son’s story with your child this school year. Their hearts were touched as they became more aware of the detrimental effects of bullying and cyberbullying. I taught them through my journey the healing power of apologizing and forgiving. They repeatedly heard that they are loved beyond belief by you and the people who matter the most in their lives. I hoped that they were inspired to be up-standers and not bystanders at the end of my presentation.

I published two books in 2019. Ryan’s Story: A Father’s Hard-Earned Lessons about Cyberbullying and Suicide for parents and guardians and Ryan’s Story: Loved Beyond Belief for students. This first book tells Ryan’s story at an adult level with valuable life learned lessons to help you avoid my tragic fate. The second allows students to revisit my son’s story and the inspiring messages I left with them and more additional guidance. The following flyer has more details. Please consider buying one or both books for you and your child.

John Halligan

About the Authors

John P. Halligan is an international bullying prevention speaker who has presented to over 2,000 schools. John lost his thirteen-year-old son, Ryan, to suicide in 2003. Ryan was one of the first victims of cyberbullying as social media began to emerge as an opportunity for peers to bully from a distance behind a computer

screen. In these two powerful books, John shares with the reader the heartbreaking story of Ryan’s short life, including lessons about suicide prevention, the role of bystanders, the grace of forgiveness, and the power of apologies. | (802) 578-8229


Emily B. Dickson is a certified middle school counselor in Connecticut. She assists John in delivering clinically sound and practical advice based on her seventeen years of

professional experience working with students in this age of social media. Ryan’s Story: Loved Beyond Belief, for middle and high school students, will inspire students to make positive changes in their own lives and the lives of their fellow students. Ryan’s Story: A Father’s Hard-Earned Lessons about Cyberbullying and Suicide is an invaluable guidepost for parents, counselors, and teachers. Readers will learn not only how to deal with bullying and cyberbullying, but also how to make informed decisions regarding social media, technology use, and mental health. |