March 25, 1943 – Anne Frank


March 25, 1943



Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Diary of Anne Frank

Anne Frank wrote about a frightening experience in her diary, reflecting the fear the family faced every day while in hiding. Anne Frank is probably the most well-known victim of the Holocaust. She was not famous at the time, but her diary – published after her death – became an international best-seller. Millions of people have read Anne’s words and been motivated to learn more about this tragic period in history.

Anne kept her diary while her family and four others hid from the Nazis. Her skill as a writer allowed her to inject humor into the everyday events of the secret hiding place. This makes her diary fun to read, but sometimes masks the danger of her situation. People in hiding lived in constant fear of discovery. On March 25, 1943, a loud noise in the building made the hiders afraid that their luck had run out. They spent the rest of the night sick with terror. As it turned out, they were safe that day, but eventually their worst fears came true. They were betrayed by a secret informer and were arrested by the Nazis. Sadly, of the eight in hiding, only Anne’s father survived the Holocaust.

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