June 27, 1944 – Anne Frank


June 27, 1944


Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Diary of Anne Frank

As the war drew to a close, the Jews in hiding who had access to radios kept close track of troop movements and waited impatiently for the rescue they thought would come at any time. On June 27, 1944 Anne Frank wrote:

“My dearest Kitty*, 

The mood has changed, everything’s going enormously well. Cherbourg, Vitebsk, and Zhlobin fell today. They’re sure to have captured lots of men and equipment. Five German generals were killed near Cherbourg and two taken captive. Now that they’ve got a harbor, the British can bring whatever they want on shore. The whole Cotentin Peninsula has been captured just three weeks after the invasion! What a feat! In the three weeks since D-Day there hasn’t been a day without rain and storms, neither here nor in France, but this bad luck hasn’t kept the British and the Americans from displaying their might. And how! Of course, the Germans have launched their wonder weapon, but a little firecracker like that won’t hardly make a dent, except maybe minor damage in England and screaming headlines in the Kraut newspapers.”

Learn more about the troop movements Anne described in this entry of her diary.

*All of Anne Frank’s diary entries were written as if they were letters; “Kitty” was Anne’s pet name for the diary.