April 2, 1942 - Petr Ginz​


April 2, 1942


Prague, Czechoslovakia 

The Diary of Peter Ginz

Young Petr Ginz wrote about the arrival of Easter and Pesach in his diary.

The world has long known of Petr Ginz through the art and writing he produced in the Terezin Ghetto. Only recently did his diary from before the ghetto years come to light. In 2003, Israeli astronaut, Ilan Ramon carried one of Petr’s drawings into space on the shuttle Columbia. When the shuttle was tragically lost, Petr’s name was reported in the news. A man in Prague recognized the name from a box stored in his attic. This box contained Petr’s diary from 1941-1942, which had remained hidden for over 60 years.

On April 2, 1942, Petr noted the arrival of the Easter and Pesach holidays. Both were special to him since his father was Jewish and his mother was Christian. His life was enriched by both traditions, but the Nazis viewed his mixed heritage with contempt. Their laws defined him as racially unacceptable, a status that would eventually cost him his life in Auschwitz.

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