High School Teaching Trunk

Materials for Classroom Use

The high school teaching trunk is meant to provide high school teachers with materials to teach lessons on the Holocaust. While the content is most frequently utilized by social studies and language arts teachers, the materials are adaptable to meet the needs of individual classrooms in all subjects. High school teaching trunks contain classroom sets of relevant books and audio-visual materials.

Trunks are created on-demand based on the classroom teacher’s requirements and educational goals. Typical contents might include some or all of the following:


Class sets (up to 40 copies) of:

  • Never To Forget: The Jews of the Holocaust by Milton Meltzer
  • The Holocaust: Maps and Photographs by Martin Gilbert
  • Night by Elie Wiesel (including Night – Curriculum Unit Teacher’s Guide by The Center for Learning)


Single copies of important works including;

  • The Other Victims: First Person Stories of Non-Jews Persecuted by the Nazis by Ina R. Friedman
  • The Nazi Years: A Documentary History edited by Joachim Remak
  • Images of the Holocaust: A Literature Anthology edited by Jean E. Brown, Elaine C. Stephens, and Janet E. Rubin
  • Documents on the Holocaust from Yad Vashem
  • Hitler’s Apologists: The Anti-Semitic Propaganda of Holocaust “Revisionism” – Anti-Defamation League


Other resources including:

  • Teacher’s Resource Guide by Mitchell S. Bloomer
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Information Packet;
  • The Holocaust and Resistance: An Outline of Jewish History in Nazi Occupied Europe (1933-1945) – Yad Vashem pamphlet
  • Social Education “Teaching About the Holocaust”
  • “The Record: The Holocaust In History 1933-1945”  (Newspaper) – ADL and National Council for Social Studies.
  • Audio-Visual Materials, including:
    • Camera of My Family (film)
    • Outcast: Jewish Persecution in Nazi Germany 1933-1938
    • The Doomed: Voyage of the St. Louis
    • Survivors of the Holocaust (filmed testimonies)
    • The Wave (film)
    • Rise Up and Fight: Songs of the Jewish Partisans (CD)
  • ADL Poster Series of 20 individual posters

Please note: All Teaching Trunks must be picked up and returned to the Holocaust Center in Maitland, FL. Materials will not be shipped or delivered.

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