Anne Frank Teaching Trunk

Materials About Anne Frank for Classroom Use

The Anne Frank teaching trunk is customizable by grade level and subject and is appropriate for students in grades 5-8. The content includes books and audio-visual materials from the Holocaust that portray the tragic events from the perspective of a teenage girl.


The Anne Frank Teaching Trunks are created on demand based on the classroom teacher’s requirements and goals. Typical contents might include some or all of the following:


Class sets (up to 30 copies) of:

  • We Are Witnesses (Text)
  • “Anne Frank in the World: 1929-1945” (newspaper)


Single copies of:

  • Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl – Definitive Edition
  • Anne Frank’s Tales from the Secret Annex
  • Anne Frank, the Writer: An Unfinished Story; and Anne Frank (The Play)


Other Resources including:

  • Video: Biography – Anne Frank: Life of a Young Girl
  • Interactive CD ROM: Anne Frank House
  • Teaching the Diary of Anne Frank (Scholastic)
  • Anne Frank Postcard Set (Large version)
  • Rutka’s Notebook: A Voice From the Holocaust (Yad Vashem)
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum Information Packet
  • Teaching About the Holocaust CD-ROM (USHMM)
  • Poster – “Nuremberg Racial Laws, 1935” (USHMM)
  • State of Florida Resource Manual on Holocaust Education (Grades 7-8)
  • Arnold and Rochelle Belfer Exemplary Lessons Initiative (USHMM)
  • Teachers’ Guide to the Holocaust Memorial Center.


Please note: All Teaching Trunks must be picked up and returned to the Holocaust Center in Maitland, FL. Materials will not be shipped or delivered.

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