Margo Haberman's Story

Margo’s testimony represents the plight of many Holocaust survivors. She explains how difficult it was to tell her children what happened.

Bronya Katz's Story

Bronya explains how thankful she is for the life she has now. Living through the Holocaust gave her a different perspective on life. She also describes the dangers of something like this happening again in the future. 

Elizabeth Reich's Story

Elizabeth explains that her children know very little about her experiences during the Holocaust. She says that it does not give it justice to simply hear their stories. 

Yehunda Leo Resnik's Story

Leo traveled to many schools to tell his story. He is very proud to be an American and explains what it feels like to live as a free man.

Rabbi Haim Rozwaski's Story

Rabbi Rozwaski believes that destiny is beyond a person’s control. He chooses the view his experiences during the Holocaust as a miracle because he survived.