Life in the Ghettos

During the Holocaust, ghettos were established as separate neighborhoods where Jewish families were forced to live. Living conditions were harsh. Multiple families shared single homes and food and basic supplies were limited.


Leo Bernstein's Story

Leo was born and raised in Lithuania. He recalls German soldiers arriving in Lithuania in 1941 and implementing harsh laws that restricted the movement of Jews.

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Gizella Blau’s Story

Gizella grew up in Hungary. When the Nazis invaded her hometown, they forced Jews to live in a ghetto. She was only allowed to leave if she was traveling to a nearby labor camp. She describes a terrifying moment when she was unable to complete the long trek.

Juda Goldberg’s Story

Juda was raised in Poland. He remembers being sent to multiple labor camps during the war, including one factory that was operated by an international corporation.

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Sidonie Gruenberg’s Story

Sidonie was born in Munich, Germany. When her family was taken to a labor camp, she witnessed the men being separated from the women and children. She recalls the harsh living conditions in the camp.

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