In My Own Words with Mark Newhouse

Original Program Date: August 19, 2022

About the Program:

Born in Germany to Holocaust Survivors, Mark Newhouse shares his journey of living with his parents’ experiences through personal anecdotes, humor, and dramatic readings which have been called a “tribute to the immutable human spirit.”

Mark relates how he rediscovered his history and wrote his award-winning “The Devil’s Bookkeepers” trilogy, a suspenseful and hope filled series of novels set in the Holocaust. “The Devil’s Bookkeepers” stands as a tribute to his lost relatives, his parents who miraculously survived, and to those who will join him in saying, “Never again to anyone.”

Mark, a former Long Island teacher, will be joined by his son, Keith Newhouse, the author of My Tio’s Pulse, an award-winning children’s book inspired by the Pulse nightclub tragedy. Mark and Keith are a dynamic father-son duo of social activism, each one committed to championing the message that love is stronger than hate. This promises to be a moving dialogue you won’t want to miss.

About the book:

The Devil’s Bookkeepers by Mark Newhouse, the son of Holocaust survivors from the German ghetto in Poland. The Devil’s Bookkeepers is a heart-wrenching account of relationships that exist in the face of fear based on actual events described in the Chronicle of the Lodz Ghetto (Yale University Press, 1984). Mark’s story depicts characters who discover that courage, love, and joy can still exist even when surrounded by terror, giving readers a captivating glimpse into the struggles of daily ghetto life. His books have received national recognition and awards for their authentic portrayals of how Jews coped with the horrors and suffering of Nazi oppression. Mark firmly believes that even in the face of oppression and hate, there is always hope.

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