In My Own Words with Erez Kaganovitz

Original Program Date: July 13, 2022

About the Program:

“Changing The Way We Talk About The Holocaust,” is appropriate for all ages and uses visual storytelling as a powerful way to spark curiosity and empathy. By telling the story of the Holocaust through the deeply affecting medium of photography, students are able to relate to and internalize the individual, human stories of the Holocaust with an eye opening discussion about the power of digital storytelling and the powerful truths it can convey as we remember and humanize the past – for a better tomorrow.

About the speaker: Erez Kaganovitz

Photographer, native Tel Aviv, and speaker, Erez Kaganovitz is the human behind the Humans of Tel Aviv, Humans of Israel, and Humans of the Holocaust projects. Through his work, Erez has helped bridge a cultural gap in society both within and outside of Israel. His compelling work brings understanding, emotional connection, and unity to many around the world.