Anti-Semitism Before the War

Anti-Jewish sentiments in Europe existed long before the Holocaust began. While some Jews felt safe in their communities, others feared for their safety. Despite the existence of anti-Semitism, no one could have predicted what was about to occur under the rule of Nazi Germany.  

Gizella Blau's Story

Gizella was the only Jewish girl in her school and was mistreated by both her classmates and the teachers. She recalls the creation of a Jewish ghetto in her hometown in Hungary.


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Juda Goldberg’s Story

Juda grew up in a Polish city near the German border. He remembers the anti-Semitism that occurred following the German invasion of Poland, including the distribution of yellow stars that were to be worn by all the Jews in his town.

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Morris Gruenberg’s Story

Morris grew up in Berlin, Germany. He recalls restrictions on Jews being implemented in the early 1930’s.

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Elizabeth Reich’s Story

Elizabeth was born in Hungary. She describes how officials rounded up Jews to take them to the ghettos.

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