Uprooting Prejudice: A Conversation with Pardeep & Arno

Original Program Date: February 17, 2022

About the Program:

This special conversation features Pardeep Kaleka and Arno Michaelis, a Sikh and former white supremacist who found friendship after a terrible act of hate. In 2012, Pardeep’s father was murdered, along with six others, by a white supremacist in the Sikh-temple massacre in Oak Creek, Wisconsin. In an effort to understand why someone would commit such a horrible act of hate, Kaleka reach out to Arno Michaelis, a former skinhead and founder of Life After Hate. Life After Hate was designed to teach people about the threat of extreme hate. During the event, Pardeep and Arno talked about their journey to promote peace and human kinship after traumatic acts of hate. This presentation is a program related to our current exhibit, Uprooting Prejudice: Conversations for Change. Find out more details and how to visit the exhibit at holocaustedu.org.

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