Embracing the Dream Exhibit


All Ages

“I have a dream…”

In those four words, Dr. Martin Luther King described the world that all people of conscience strive for: a world without barriers based on prejudices and intolerance.

In 2006, the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center joined with the Well’s Built Museum of African-American History and Culture to create a unique exhibit honoring Central Florida men and women involved in local civil rights activities. The exhibit tells the story of activities leading up to integration in the 1960’s, and traces the impact of the heroism and sacrifice of people of all races and religions who knew that segregation must end..


Exhibit Specifications

  • 11 panels (all vertical, 24 x 20) in metal frames, each with photos and text that tell the history of Civil Rights in Central Florida.
  • 1 Introductory panel describing the project.
  • 1 final panel suggesting ways to keep Dr. King’s dream alive.
  • Educator’s guide, if requested