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Teacher PD: From Democracy to Dictatorship – Hitler’s Consolidation of Power

From Democracy to Dictatorship – Hitler’s Consolidation of Power

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When: Sep 16, 2020 04:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


Often, students have the misconception that Hitler took over Germany in a revolutionary coup which leads to an oversimplification and lack of understanding as to why the German people appeared embrace him as a dictator.   In this professional development we will review and analyze the steps that were taken by Hitler and the Nazi party following his appointment as Chancellor in order to dissolve the democracy of Germany and solidify his position as a dictator.  Throughout this presentation we will demonstrate best methods to use when creating lessons and activities that will help students to demonstrate their depth of knowledge through evaluation of various primary source documents and testimony.  We will provide complete resources and activities that adhere to state standards and that can be used across multiple disciplines.

Florida Standards Included – (But Not Limited To)

Social Studies -SS.912.W.7.5, SS.912.W.7.6, SS.912.W.7.8, SS.912.C.4.1,SS.912.C.4.3, SS.912.W.1.1, SS.912.A.1.4, SS.912.C.2.2, SS.912.C.2.3, SS.912.C.2.4, SS.912.C.2.13

ELA – LAFS.910.RH.1.1, LAFS.910.RH.1.2, LAFS.910.RH.1.3, LAFS.910.RH.2.4, LAFS.910.RH.2.5, LAFS.910.RH.3.9

About the Presenter:

Stephen Poynor HeadshotStephen Poynor

Stephen Poynor is the Resource Teacher at the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida. His position is a joint venture between Orange County Public Schools and the Center. He helps teachers and schools to implement the Florida mandate for Holocaust Education (F.S. 1003.42) through collaborative teacher training, direct student instruction, and curriculum design. He believes that studying the Holocaust provides an opportunity for educators to inspire critical thinking within students. He challenges educators and students to use the lessons from the Holocaust to raise questions about: individual and collective responsibility, the meaning of active citizenship, and the structures and societal norms that can become dangerous for certain groups and society as a whole. Prior to his position at the HMREC, Stephen earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from the University of Central Florida. After 15 years in the private sector, Stephen began his career in education at West Orange High school where he launched a Holocaust Studies program and served on the Commissioner of Education’s Task Force on Holocaust Education. In his free time, Stephen enjoys spending time with his family, whitewater rafting, hiking, swimming, watching movies, and reading.


Sep 16 2020


4:00 pm - 6:00 pm


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