In My Own Words:

A Conversation with Joseph Weismann

August 7, 2020 

On July 16, 1942, at age 11, Joseph Weismann was arrested with his family by French police as part of Operation Spring Wind, more commonly known as the Vél d’Hiv roundup. Of the 13,152 Jews who were taken into custody, over 8,000 were put in the Vélodrome d’Hiver, a covered bicycle stadium in Paris, without food, water or toilets for five days. From there, they were taken by cattle car to the camps of Pithiviers and Beaune-la-Rolande, before eventually being sent to Drancy and then Auschwitz. Twenty-five adults survived, but the only children who survived somehow escaped between their arrest and the final journey to Auschwitz. No children who made it to Auschwitz ever returned.

Mr. Weismann’s story is loosely followed in the movie La Rafle (The Roundup) and he published his autobiography, Après la Rafle, in 2010. It was translated in 2017 by Richard Kutner and published in the United States as After the Roundup. Mr. Weismann lives in Le Mans, France.

To purchase a copy of After the Roundup, click here. Special thanks to Shakespeare & Co. booksellers in New York for handling book orders.

Paul Kutner will interview Mr. Weismann and Richard Kutner, and both Paul and Richard Kutner will interpret for Mr. Weismann.