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Resources for Teachers, Students, and Others

There are a multitude of resources about the Holocaust available on the internet, but many may be incomplete or inaccurate. We have compiled a list of resources from verified sources to offer reliable information about the Holocaust.

This Week in History

Follow the stories of children during the Holocaust through diary entries on each day of the year that corresponds to the same day in history of the Holocaust. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of their experiences and the human cost of intolerance.

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Local Survivor Stories

Hearing from individuals that witnessed the Holocaust first-hand is an invaluable tool. Many of the Holocaust Survivors who settled in Central Florida have provided their testimonies to the Holocaust Center in order to preserve the past and protect the future.

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Educator and Classroom Resources

Access information about the Holocaust from verified organizations to enhance your teaching and classroom experience. This diverse resource list offers tools, such as study guides, virtual tours, photos, and online exhibits to better communicate the lessons of the Holocaust and the impact it still has today.

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Britannica’s Holocaust Resources

Britannica offers a free encyclopedia of the Holocaust as part of a partnership with a number of educational institutions, including the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida. These Britannica articles provide an unmatched resource as a convenient, reliable resource for Holocaust-related information.

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Other Holocaust Centers

Trusted organizations, such as the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, offer comprehensive resources for students and general audiences to gain general information about the Holocaust. Learn through videos, timelines, photos, and other published materials.

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