Our Story: An Exhibit of Local Survivors

LolaThe women represent a mosaic of ages and backgrounds from all corners of Europe. Each panel provides a glimpse into the span of years, from 1933-1945, that changed these women’s lives and the world forever. Viewers will gain an appreciation of the women’s unique means of survival, including fighting in the resistance, escaping, hiding and even enduring the ghettos and concentration camps.

Collectively, these stories of sisters, daughters, mothers, wives and friends are a celebration of women’s dignity, strength, courage and perseverance. They give voice to the millions who had similar strengths, but were silenced in the Holocaust.

On our walls you can read the stories of Miriam Apfel, Felicia Friedman, Margot Glazer, Hedi Goldfarb, Helen Greenspun, Sidy Gruenberg, Fran Hodes, Eva Ritt, Marianne Schleichkorn, Lola Taubman and Tess Wise. In addition to their recollections, each contributed photographs and other mementos that document their unique history. Voicing these recollections was sometimes difficult and painful. We are grateful that these women were willing to share their stories for the benefit of others.

The theme “never forget” is a cornerstone of Holocaust education. These inspiring messages of courage, and the ability to move forward to establish a new life in a new land, are of timeless importance for present and future generations.

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