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The Center hosts a Survivor luncheon that brings people together to share stories, socialize, and enjoy a catered meal. Entertainment and useful information remains an important part of the program!

In addition, the Center is dedicated to providing updates about state, national and international movements aimed at reparations and financial support that recognizes the injustices done during the war.

Although the Center cannot provide direct and or social services, it serves as a conduit for important information that can help Survivors deal with the specific issues of Holocaust experiences.

Holocaust Victims Assistance Act

For information on Florida’s Holocaust Era Claims Process call 1-800-388-4069

Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater has announced the passage new Florida law that allows the Department of Financial Services to seek restitution for Nazi‐confiscated bank accounts, art and property; provide education to Holocaust survivors as to the existence of the restitution program; and to assist survivors in receiving needed health benefits.

Making the announcement, Atwater noted that “although nothing we do will ever fully repay the suffering these survivors experienced, passing this bill is a powerful reflection of the Legislature’s desire to contribute to the well‐being of this important group of Floridians.”

For the past several years the Department of Financial Services has initiated other support for Holocaust Survivors, including pursuit of insurance claims and work with banks to eliminate wire transfer fees for payment of Holocaust-era reparations.

Survivors, their families, or their representatives can access specific information, including forms on the MyFlorida web page or call 1-800-388-4069 for information. A downloadable pamphlet is available here .

CFO Atwater is to be commended for his leadership and advocacy for the improvement of the quality of life of the Holocaust survivors residing in the state of Florida. Florida remains a national leader in supporting Holocaust education and survivor rights.

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