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Holocaust Education
On April 29, 1994, the Florida Legislature mandated that instruction on the Holocaust be included in public schools. Holocaust education cultivates respect for human rights and dignity for all people. It promotes diversity and warns of the dangers of racism and prejudice. Holocaust education helps students recognize how propaganda reinforces stereotypes and strengthens their willingness to defend the victims of discrimination. The following programs support this unfunded state mandate:

Holocaust education, provided free of charge, to over 16,000 students annually – $45,000
Summer Teachers Institute on Holocaust Studies – $10,000
This is a five day, 40-hour program of instruction, materials and strategies to effectively meet the requirements of the state mandate.
Monthly Teacher Forums – $5,000
Features experts in the field of Holocaust studies and are provided to teachers at no charge. Area school districts offer continuing education credits for participating in the Center’s programs.
Traveling Teaching Trunks – $2,500
Contain all the curricula, books, posters, maps and other resources needed for a full classroom

UpStanders: Stand Up to Bullying initiative
The UpStanders: Stand Up To Bullying initiative is a multifaceted curriculum that uses the history and lessons of the Holocaust, in particular the stories of Rescuers or Righteous Gentiles, to inspire students to become UpStanders rather than bystanders. Students learn how and when to intervene in bullying situations. The goal is to make our community one where diversity is celebrated and every child feels respected and safe. The Initiative is currently in 17 schools. 12 schools will be added in 2012-13.

Cost Per-School – $6,000
This multi-phased programming begins in 7th grade and continues through 8th grade and includes a presentation by John Halligan, whose 13 year-old son committed suicide due to bullying. Currently the balance of the program includes two in-school presentations, a field trip to the Holocaust Center (includes the cost of bussing students) and a performance of The Ultimate Consequence, a light and shadow puppet show that illustrates the impact of bullying on an individual, family and community.
UpStanders Day at Lake Eola – $10,000
A day dedicated to raising awareness about bulling in our community
Community Presentations – $3,000
Includes presentations that are open to the community and to schools not selected to participate in the entire initiative

Holocaust Remembrance
Every November the Holocaust Center provides a free public program in remembrance of Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass. It recalls the series of attacks against Jews on November 9-10, 1938. It serves as a reminder that we must be vigilant and ready to protect the rights of others as fervently as we protect our own. The Center also provides a community commemoration on Yom HaShoah, the international day of remembrance to honor the Six Million Jews murdered by the Nazis and their collaborators.

Yom HaShoah (400 – 500 attendees) – $10,000

Kristallancht (250-300 attendees) – $5,000

Holocaust Survivor Events – $1000

Cultural Season of Exhibits, Films and Community Programs
Each year the Center provides a cultural season that is free and open to the community. Every exhibit, film and program we offer brings a human face and individual voice to the Holocaust; each Victim, Survivor, Rescuer or Bystander has a unique story that must be told, shared and remembered. The Holocaust Center feels a deep responsibility to teach the ultimate cost of prejudice and often explores contemporary genocides and other social issues that demand our attention.

Annual Budget – $20,000 (Individual exhibit or program sponsorships are available)

Holocaust Center Publications
The Center publishes a biannual newsletter to 3500 households/businesses and distributes a monthly e-update to over 1,600 families/individuals.

Biannual Newsletters – $3,000 per issue (exclusive sponsorship with article)
Monthly E-Updates – $1,000 per year (not exclusive)

Holocaust Center’s Annual Dinner of Tribute and Other Fundraising Events
Multiple sponsorship levels and program ads are available depending on the program/event.

For more information please contact Pam Kancher, Executive Director, 407.628.0555

*Sponsorship benefits will be discussed on an individual basis

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