Upcoming Exhibits

Myriam Brysk: Scroll of Remembrance

October 5 – December 30

We are pleased to present the area premiere of the newest works of Miriam Brysk, an exhibit entitled The Scroll of Remembrance. This is the third exhibition created by Dr. Brysk, a Holocaust Survivor and retired professor living in Ann Arbor Michigan. Her previous works – In a Confined Silence and Children of the Holocaust, have been displayed here and were highly acclaimed.

Brysk has created a unique process for creating the works: using digitally altered and blended photographs of lost people and places, layered with added details that evoke the humanity lost to hate. Brysk will be available to speak at an opening reception for the works and will discuss both the techniques and history behind her artistic choices.


Parallel Journeys

January 5 – March 25, 2016

The traveling version of “Parallel Journeys”, on loan from Kennesaw State University, tells the stories of six teenagers who were witnesses, participants, and often victims of World War II and the Holocaust. Although Anne Frank is one of the most famous teenagers in history, her story alone does not document the complexity of young people victimized by the Nazis. The testimonies in “Parallel Journeys” document different experiences of the Holocaust and demonstrate some of the realities of life in this brutal conflict.

Dates are tentative and subject to change. Please call 407-628-0555 to confirm exact dates

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