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Because They Were Jews!

April 1 through June 27

}Exhibiting the works of David Friedmann (1893-1980) whose talent for portraiture played a central role throughout his career and saved his life during the Holocaust.

Born in Mährisch Ostrau, Austria-Hungary (today Ostrava, Czech Republic), Friedmann moved to Berlin and became a successful artist. When Nazi persecution of Jews began in 1933, he was no longer permitted to work and ordered to remove his art from the galleries. In 1938, Friedmann fled with his family to Prague, only to be deported in 1941 to the Lodz Ghetto, then to camps Auschwitz-Birkenau and Gleiwitz I. Nazi authorities looted his oeuvre of 2,000 works in Berlin and Prague.

Friedmann survived a Death March to Camp Blechhammer, where he was liberated in January 1945 by the Red Army. Torn from his memories, he created the powerful series, Because They Were Jews! The artwork shows the evolution of the Holocaust from his deportation to the ghetto and several concentration camps until liberation. He supplemented his testimony with descriptions of the scenes portrayed in his works to create a singularly detailed pictorial and written record. His postwar journey led from Czechoslovakia to Israel to the United States.

After his death, his daughter Miriam Friedman Morris collected and organized his works which have been displayed worldwide. Numerous pieces of the collection are available online and on display at the Holocaust History Museum, Yad Vashem, Jerusalem.

The exhibition at the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida presents a rare opportunity for area visitors to see so much of the collection in one exhibition.

Opening Reception Tuesday April 7 at 7 PM, featuring Dr. Ena Heller, Director of the Cornell Fine Arts Museum at Rollins College.

IMAGE: A Little Happiness Around the Oven During a Sad Time in Lodz Ghetto
Copyright ©1989 Miriam Friedman Morris
All Rights Reserved

Exhibit sponsors include Orange County Government – Arts and Cultural Affairs, United Arts of Central Florida, Florida Humanities Council, and the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

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