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The Holocaust Center has long used visual arts to tell the many stories of the Holocaust. Art helps us remember the individual stories of that terrible time: the faces and voices of those who died and those who survived, the stories of heroism and mourning, and the challenges we face as we try to make “Never Again” a promise for all people in all places.

Tempted, Misled, Slaughtered: The Short Life of Hitler Youth, Paul B

December 21 – March 14

Embracing The Dream Originally developed and shown in the Documentation Center Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nuremberg, Germany in 2004, this exhibition narrates the story of the nazification of the youth of Germany. It shows how the Nazi state, through its control of the education system and though a massive propaganda effort, was able to seduce the youth of Germany into active participation in its destructive mission.

The exhibit traces the use of children by the Third Reich, first as enthusiastic fans and eventually as underage soldiers, through the story of one young man, Paul Bayer. Although each story of Hitler’s child followers is unique, we can see in this boy’s experiences how it happened that many children fell prey to propaganda. It serves as a lesson to anyone — parent, teacher, or interested community member — how easy it might be to lead young hearts and minds astray.

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