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January 5 through March 27

Signage from 1940s
Herblock is a collection of political cartoons and commentary produced by The Herb Block Foundation. The goal of these exhibitions is to present Herblock’s effort to preserve American’s rights and freedoms through his political cartoons. These spare, folksy drawings made complex issues seem simple and moral choices clear. Syndicated throughout the country, his cartoons focused on important issues of the time, making Americans take note of the human folly that is politics.

Divided into three critical topics — Democracy, Education, and Civil Rights — these political cartoons produced during a remarkable seventy-two-year career (1929–2001) clearly demonstrate Herbert Block’s ability to wield his pen effectively and artfully, using it to condemn corruption and expose injustice, inequality, and immorality on topics including the Great Depression, the rise of fascism and World War II, communism and the Cold War, Senator Joseph McCarthy, race relations, Richard Nixon, the Reagan era, the 2000 election, and more.

Sometimes called “the most feared editorial cartoonist in the country” Block started cartooning in his Chicago teens and went on to win four Pulitzer Prizes and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He challenged the high and the mighty without fear or favor; Senator Joe McCarthy and Richard Nixon, famously, felt the sting of Herb’s pen. In Block’s words, it was his job to remind our public servants that “they are, after all, public servants.” The arc of Block’s career takes us from World War II, to the Red Scare, our struggle for Civil Rights, Vietnam, Watergate and the conflicted media world of today – concluding with an unexpected end to the journey of the cartoonist-journalist known simply to millions as “Herblock.”

Exhibit sponsors include Orange County Government – Arts and Cultural Affairs, United Arts of Central Florida, Florida Humanities Council, and the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs

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