Current Exhibit

Letters Home

March 14 – Aug 30

Embracing The Dream Letters Home offers visitors an intimate glimpse into the lives of those who endured the ghettos and camps of the Holocaust. Often with oddly hopeful messages, they give us a glimmer of understanding about what life was like for people caught up in those terrible times. These brief, intimate glimpses are what remembrance is all about – remembering the humanity of each person lost.

The opportunity to send and receive mail, though highly regulated and strictly censored, gave prisoners their only hope to hang onto some semblance of their former lives. Although they were not able to write freely, these postcards and letters still represent the authentic voices of the inmates speaking to us. Each card and letter provides us an intimate view into the lives of victims of the Shoah as they carefully penned messages of reassurance, love, and courage. The translated text reflect the loneliness of that time, and their brief messages – thanking a relative for a gift of food, heartfelt words “tell sister I miss her so much” – can foster a deeper, more respectful memory of the lives of those who survived and those who perished.

Interspersed among the letters are explanations of the geography and history of various locations where prisoners were held. The exhibit also includes careful reproductions of currency, insignia and small maps. Altogether, they allow us an eye-witness view of life in isolation, a place with little reason for hope.

Letters Home teaches us about the Holocaust as seen through the eyes of ordinary men and women, and it compels us to think more deeply about the need for respect for all people.

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