Religion 201 Series

Please join us for this engaging series. It builds on last year’s introductory Religion 101 programs, but it is not necessary for you to have attended any of those presentations in order to benefit from this year’s discussions. All these presentations will be at the Holocaust Center and will begin promptly at 7 PM. They are structured to permit a maximum amount of audience interaction, so come prepared with your questions and your thoughts! No cost to attend, parking is conveniently located and free. The building is completely handicap accessible.

MODULE 1: In The World
September 17, 2013
with representatives of Christianity, Hinduism, & Unitarian Universalism
When – If Ever – Is Taking Human Life Justified? What kind of restrictions does your faith tradition place on the taking of human life in war? Taking life in individual self-defense situations? Taking life as capital punishment?

October 22, 2013
with representatives of Judaism, Sikhism, & Baha’i
How Can a God of Love and a World of Suffering Co-exist? How does your faith tradition explain the existence of pain and suffering if a good God (or beneficent force) exists? Does your faith offer any form of escape from pain and suffering in this life? Or in a world to come?

November 19, 2013
with representatives of Islam, Buddhism, & Atheism
How Much Has Your Faith Tradition or World View Made the World Better? In what ways has your faith tradition contributed to the advance of racial, ethnic, gender and socioeconomic equality? In what ways, if any, has it stood in the way of progress toward inclusiveness and equality

Module 2 : Theology – The BIG Questions
December 17, 2013
with representatives of Judaism, Hinduism, & Atheism
How Did We All Get Here, Anyway?How does your faith tradition or world view explain the origin of the world and human life? How do adherents to your faith or those who hold your world view harmonize spiritual understandings and current scientific understandings? What explanations of origins do you believe should and shouldn’t be taught in public schools?

January 28, 2014
with representatives of Islam, Sikhism, & Unitarian Universalism
Will Humans Face a Judgment? What form of judgment—if any—does your faith tradition teach that humans will face in the afterlife? What comes after judgment for those who pass the test? For those who fail? Does your faith tradition teach that there even is an afterlife?

February 18, 2014
with representatives of Christianity, Buddhism, & Baha’i
Is the World Coming to an End?Does your faith tradition have a teaching about an end of the world? Is it a grand and glorious dawning of a new era? A terrible destruction? Both? What comes after? In what ways does such a teaching impact the way adherents live life daily?

Module 3 : Interfaith Relations
March 18, 2014
with representatives of Islam, Hinduism, & Baha’i
Is Your Faith Tradition the Only Path to Heaven/Nirvana? Does your faith view itself as having any sort of monopoly on truth and the path to “salvation”? If so, how does that affect how you relate to those of other faith traditions or those of no faith?

April 1, 2014
with representatives of Christianity, Sikhism, & Atheism
How Truly Tolerant Is Your Faith Tradition or World View? How much does your faith or perspective advocate a “live and let live” approach? And how much does it seek to force everyone to follow its values, whether they share the same perspective or not?

with representatives of Judaism, Buddhism, & Unitarian Universalism
What Do Other Faiths Have to Teach You? As we travel through life, we encounter individuals, families, communities and even nations that have practices and characteristics we particularly admire. What values and practices do you see in other faith traditions that you admire and would like to see emphasized more in your own?

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