Teaching Trunks

The Holocaust Memorial Center Teaching Trunks: A Success Story

Early in its history, the Holocaust Center made a commitment to providing teachers with the all of the resources and materials necessary to implement Holocaust education in their classrooms. Traveling Teaching Trunks were created to give educators access to all materials they would need for a comprehensive Holocaust unit. They contained curricula as well as photo, print, and audio-visual resources appropriate for student use. The trunks were an immediate success and have been in high demand ever since. Over the years, more trunks were added, including Anne Frank teaching trunks.

The Holocaust Memorial Center’s teaching trunks are available for use in public and private schools, free of charge. Thousands of local students have learned about the Holocaust, at least in part, through their use. The influence of the teaching trunks also extends beyond this area. Many other Holocaust Centers across the United States have adopted our concept for use in their own communities.

The Holocaust Center regularly updates the materials in the trunks to provide schools with the best available resources. In this way, we hope the trunks will continue to be an important force in Holocaust education for years to come.

Teaching Trunks Contents:

Elementary School Trunk

Middle School Trunk

High School Trunk

Anne Frank Trunk

When a teacher requests a trunk, it can be customized to accommodate class size, learning level, time available, and other considerations. Trunks can be reserved by emailing or phoning Mitch Bloomer at 407-628-0555 × 283.

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