Lesson Plans

This series of lessons plans presents the history of the Holocaust in a chronological format. They rely heavily on the materials provided in the Holocaust Memorial Center’s Middle School Teaching Trunk, but they also make use of diaries, letters, poems, songs, speeches, art works, and other primary sources in order to present history in the authentic voices of those who were there.

The lessons in are adaptable to a wide variety of educational settings and situations. They have been designed to allow for as much flexibility as possible, so teachers can feel free to use the material in ways that best meet their needs.

We would encourage teachers using these lesson plans to first review suggestions for the responsible teaching of the Holocaust and our model for the study of history.

Unit One – Before the Holocaust

Covers the history of Jews in Europe before Hitler, the appeal of the Nazis (particularly to youth), and how individuals are changed by outside influences.

Unit Two – Nazi Germany 1933-1941

Explores the early years of the Nazi movement, with a special emphasis on propaganda focused on specific victim groups.

Unit Three – The Final Solution

Continuing the chronology of the war; covers ghettos, camps, and extermination. Copies of Nazi source documents are included in handouts.

Unit Four – Jewish Resistance

Challenges the belief that Jews “didn’t fight back” by detailing strategies they used to protect themselves, including both direct and indirect actions and both active and passive resistance.

Unit Five – Rescuers

The end of the war was more than the end of the military action. Liberating armies, prisoners rescued from Nazi camps, and governments all had to confront the last horrors of the Holocaust.

Unit Six – The Aftermath

In the years after the war the world faced two questions. Immediately, there was the issue — settled at least in part with the Nuremberg Trials — of punishment and justice. In the long term, how do we prevent future holocausts?

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