Field Trips

The Holocaust Memorial Center Field Trip Program

Scheduling a Field Trip:

You may reserve a field trip date by calling Mitch Bloomer at 407-628-0555 ×283. A request may also be faxed to 407-628-1079, or sent via email. We will need the following information:

  • a preferred date and at least one alternate date
  • approximate times for arrival and departure
  • the approximate number of students and chaperones
  • information about any special needs of the group or individual students
  • any request for specific content to meet your curriculum needs

Field trips are available throughout the school year, but high demand during certain periods may make finding an open date difficult. March, April, and May are very popular for field trip bookings. Dates coinciding with special exhibits are also in high demand. If you want to schedule your trip during one of these periods, please try to call as far in advance as possible.

Field Trip Details:

  • Cost: There is no charge for the field trip program.
  • Transportation: Transportation must be arranged by the teacher privately or through the school district. At least ten days prior notice is usually required. Costs may vary greatly depending on distance and carrier.
  • Grade Level: Standard field trips may be scheduled for classes from 5th to 12th grade. Trips for younger students are possible, but require a pre-visit conference to determine appropriate content for the presentation and exhibit viewing.
  • Parking: Finding parking space for buses is difficult in the small parking lot of the Jewish Community Center. Buses may stay in the fire lane directly in front of the Holocaust Center if the drivers remain with them for the entire duration of the trip. If not, buses may park in the grass lot to the west of the Holocaust Center or in the lot to the south of the Hebrew Day School.
  • Lunch: Some teachers prefer to have students eat lunch while on the field trip. There are several fast food type restaurants in the vicinity. There are also two nice parks nearby. Maitland Community Park and Lake Lilly Park have picnic tables and rest rooms available. Arrangements must be made directly with the parks. For more information, please call at (407) 539-0042.
  • Large Groups: Field trips with over 70 students must be divided into two groups. One group will take the museum tour while the other views the film presentation, then the groups will change places and complete the field trip experience.

Components of the Field Trip Program:

The standard field trip lasts two hours and consists of a museum tour, a question and answer session, and a film presentation. The duration and content of each part are tailored to the goals of that class.

The Museum Tour:

Student tours begin with individual exploration of the exhibits. The length of time dedicated to individual viewing is flexible according to the needs and developmental level of the students. A guided tour then highlights key themes; students are encouraged to ask questions throughout the guided tour program.

The Film Presentation:

This portion of the field trip program is conducted in the Holocaust Center’s Film and Exhibit Hall. Over 500 videotapes are available through our library. Many of these are appropriate in length and content for the field trip experience. If there are any special art or history exhibits in this room, time will be given to view them, as well.

Customizing the Field Trip Experience:

The goal of the Holocaust Center is to make the field trip as meaningful as possible. The program has been designed with maximum flexibility in mind. The number of students you may bring varies from 1 to 160. The duration may be shorter or longer than the standard, and activities besides those already described may be planned. When the field trip is scheduled and confirmed, specific details may be arranged.

If a field trip is not feasable for your group, we may still be able to help!

Most of our educational programs, including survivor testimonies, may be adapted for presentation at school-sites, pending availability of dates and times.

Click here for a print copy of the Field Trip Guide to the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida.

After your field trip, please evaluate your experience with this brief questionnaire

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